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Save Time and Money on your Theme Park Vacation!

We've crunched ten years of data to make proven accurate crowd predictions so you can pick the best dates to visit the parks.

Know when the park will be packed or when you can walk right on to your favorite ride.
Minimize your line wait time and find the best path through the park to fit in all the best rides, activities, and restaurants.
Save money on Walt Disney World tickets.

How Insanely Accurate are the data nerds at Touring Plans?

Within 7 Min


On Avg we save people


Within 10 Min


“The Lines app was almost always more accurate on wait times than the Disneyland app.”

- Geekwire

About Touring Plans

“I have been using this app for years now and would never consider a trip to the World without it. Having a plan is key for anyone that is on a short trip and wants to see as much as possible. You can really minimize your wait time and increase your enjoyment of the park with this app. The cost of the app is a bargain for the time you will save following a plan. The listed wait times listed in the app are much closer to what you'll experience rather than what Disney posts. There are multiple helpful tips on the website.”

- Dave Milller via Google Play

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